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Top Ten Most Common Causes of Traffic Accidents

by Amy Walters

Traffic accidents are incredibly common and cause many injuries and deaths each year. Some of the causes of accidents are more common than others. In order from most to least often observed, these are the top ten most common causes of traffic accidents:

1. Distracted driving

Most drivers who get into accidents are not actually drunk. Instead, they are trying to talk on the phone, change the radio, eat, and drink at the same time. These distractions often lead to missing vital cues that could otherwise help avoid an accident, and higher auto insurance costs.

2. Speeding

Speeding reduces the time available to react when something happens. It is often, though not always, combined with number 4, reckless driving.

3. Drunk driving

Anti-drunk driving Public Service Announcements are so common that many people’s eyes slide right over them. Yet, drunk driving remains a common problem. The main issue appears to be that people cannot judge how drunk they are, so make a decision that after any drinks, you won’t drive.

4. Reckless driving

Reckless driving is sort of a broad term, but it includes things like speeding, tailgating, making quick lane changes, not checking your mirrors, taking curves too fast, and more.

5. Rain

Especially where rain is uncommon, drivers often fail to compensate adequately for the reduced visibility and additional slipperiness of the road. Snow, fog, and other weather conditions can cause similar increases in traffic accidents.

6. Running red lights

People running red lights cause a lot of accidents. Other drivers are not expecting someone to be in the intersection when they have a green light, and are often slower to react than they otherwise would be.

7. Running stop signs

Running stop signs is similarly dangerous to running red lights. Side impact collisions can be especially deadly, as there is less protection between the passengers and the collision site.

8. Teenage drivers

Teenage drivers are notoriously careless drivers, but even when they are cautious, they may not have the experience to recognize and avoid problems on the road.

9. Night driving

People fail to compensate for reduced visibility at night, just as they do in inclement weather, and accident rates increase at night.

10. Design faults

Sometimes, there’s just nothing the driver can do about it. One of these circumstances would be in the case of faulty parts, which cause much-publicized issues such as brake failure. Luckily, these are not terribly common problems.

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