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The Reality of Car Insurance

by Amy Walters

Many factors increase our risk of being in a car accident. A shocking 86 percent of drivers admit to eating or drinking while driving. 33 percent admit to texting, though more people probably don’t admit to texting at the wheel since it’s illegal in most states. There are also higher chances of accidents during the holidays or if a teen driver is involved.

I’ve been involved in accidents before, and it’s likely that you’ve had at least one fender bender. You only have two forms of protection on the road: the right car insurance and a reliable vehicle. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize how much coverage they have until they need it. We have a tendency to go for the lowest premium. However, just like the different types of contractor software, not all coverage is created equal.

What You Don’t Know About Accidents

Most people think accidents are more likely to occur in bad weather or at night. The truth is that the vast majority of accidents happen on bright, sunny days. Accidents peak during rush hour in the morning and the afternoon. People are stressed or tired, running late, or eager to get home.

Drunk drivers are a serious threat but don’t cause the majority of crashes. Rather, young drivers are much more likely to cause a collision. Lack of experience and distractions like texting cause trouble for everyone on the road. Young drivers are also more likely to drive with friends, who cause additional distractions.

Safety Isn’t Ensured When Parked

The right car insurance isn’t just for protecting against collisions. Vehicle theft is fairly common. Even if you don’t have anything particularly valuable in the car, it’s still a headache and extra expense to replace damaged windows. I remember the sinking gut feeling of finding every window in my car broken in and absolutely nothing stolen.

Other people aren’t so lucky and find stolen laptops, stereo systems or irreplaceable documents. The best way to prevent this is to never leave anything valuable in the vehicle. This can be difficult especially on holiday shopping expeditions or road trips when you have to store costly possessions in the back seat. Not every policy will cover 100 percent of the loss.

What to Look For

You need to be fully aware of what your policy covers. Many agents can add additional coverage at a nominal fee. It’s also important to have a reasonable deductible. Great coverage at a fair premium is useless if the deductible is set too high.

Equally important is assessing the quality of customer service. If you prefer to take care of business online, is the website friendly? Consider what you’re going to want during a crisis before choosing a policy.

Byline: Carly is an aspiring writer who is constantly looking to expand her portfolio by creating content on a plethora of subjects. She has a wide variety of interests and loves writing about anything and everything. She loves that blogging allows her to share her writing with people all over the world.

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