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The Five Most Important Things To Do After an Accident

by Amy Walters

Any experienced personal injury lawyer Baton Rouge has ever produced will give you the same advice on what to do following an accident. There are five important things you need to do to protect yourself, and carrying this list with you in your car is not only acceptable, it is advised.

#5 Calmly Assess Injuries

The first thing you must be concerned with is your safety. Do you need to call an ambulance? You must assess your medical condition calmly and quickly. There is no need to make contact with anyone or do anything before calling 911 and reporting the accident and any injuries.

#4 After 911

Gathering information can seem trivial in the moments after an accident, but if you can just take a few moments to look at the scene and jot down what you remember, it can be critical later on. Your attorney and insurance company would suggest you take as many pictures as you can on your phone, from many different angles. Lastly, write down your information and ask the other driver to do the same for you.

#3 Move Your Vehicle

If you are in a low-speed accident with minimal damage and no injuries, you need to move the vehicles to a safe place in order to trade information. Before you move your vehicle, make sure you have photos of the original accident scene with the vehicles in place.

#2 Avoid Taking Blame

In most situations, avoid taking any blame. This doesn’t make you dishonest, it makes you smart. The moments after an accident are too sensitive to be blurting out admissions of guilt. Wait until you have had some time to think or talk to a lawyer. Of course, the police are going to want a statement. Give them only simple details that you are completely sure about. Answer their questions and don’t withhold important information, but say as little as you can.

#1 Call a Lawyer

Don’t assume that everyone involved is interested in playing fair. You have to protect yourself. Whether you are lying a hospital bed or at home, call a lawyer. Insurance company adjusters are never going to put your interests in front of the financial interests of the company that signs their checks.

After an accident, hire the most experienced lawyer you can find. Only an experienced attorney is going to be able to ensure you get what you deserve.

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