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The Do’s and Do Not’s after a Car Accident

by Amy Walters

Suddenly experiencing a car accident can leave anyone shaken and unsure of what steps to take next. The actions necessary to resolve the situation may be unclear and seem daunting. Keeping calm and understanding the right actions to take will allow you to get through the process with as little pain as possible. The following plan of action can help to protect your rights and personal safety when faced with a situation where these things may be in jeopardy.

What Not to Do

Before getting to the right things to do after an accident, it is important to understand what should not be done. Many people feel that they should leave insurance companies out of the equation for fear of rising rates. Instead, they often take the word of the other driver that they will pay them some sort of compensation under the table. Nine times out of ten this transaction will never occur. Drivers also have the tendency to avoid visiting a hospital immediately after the accident. While there may not be any injuries apparent at the time, damage to the body can begin to manifest later. One should not put off notifying their insurance company either. In order to properly file a claim, insurance adjusters often require the presence of an adjuster on the scene right away.

What to Do First

Now that you know what not to do, it is important to discuss the proper actions to take. Once both vehicles have been removed from the path of traffic, drivers should exchange insurance information. In addition to this info, get the driver’s name, address, telephone number, and driver’s license number. It is also wise to write down a description of the other vehicle involved in the accident. The next step should be to photograph the scene of the accident and the damage that has been done to both cars by the collision. This documentation can be extremely helpful in dealing with insurance adjusters and the courts when necessary.

Cover Every Base

Should the police not come to the scene of the wreck, it is very important to file an accident report so that the collision is on record. The incident should be documented for the benefit of insurance claims and the possibility of court proceedings. The final step in the process is to familiarize yourself with what your insurance policy should cover and to secure a lawyer for your own protection. A Car Accident Attorney Nashville has to offer can help you in defending yourself against the law and securing payments from your insurance company in a timely manner.

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