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Start Young to Teach Safe Driving Skills

by Amy Walters

As a parent, it is vitally important to display our best driving behavior when we are driving with our children, but a new survey commissioned by Ford says that this scenario is usually not what happens. Though almost all of the parents questioned claim that they are good drivers by nature, their tweens and teens tell a different story. About 82 percent of the kids that were a part of the survey claim that they have witnessed their parents driving carelessly or in a distracted state. Over half of those kids say that they have actually asked their parents to stop whatever they were doing, speeding, careless driving, or distracted driving, so that they felt safer on the roads with them. 

Perhaps the biggest problem with the findings is the fact that our kids gain their skills mostly from watching parents. Because parents are such a heavy influence on children, it is important that they realize this when they are driving and show their kids how to drive safe. We hear daily of teenagers killed because of reckless driving or other distractions in the car; so it has become even more imperative for parents to be on ‘their best behavior’ when driving with their kids.

A Good Role Model

Perhaps the best way to instill safe driving skills in your young driver is to drive safe yourself. Most teens will get their first driving experiences and knowledge from their parents, so it is vital that parents provide a good picture of what driving should be like. If you speed on a regular basis, or you simply drive recklessly, you can expect that your teen driver will follow suit and get caught doing the same things. This can harm their driving record or end them in an accident where their life can hang in the balance. Thus, parents need to ensure that their teens only see safe driving habits from those who they look up to.

Benefits of Good Driving

There are many benefits to safe driving for parents and their young drivers. We all know that auto insurance quotes for young drivers can be outrageous. This is because these drivers do not have enough experience on the roads for them to really be safe. By being a safe driver and instilling good driving habits in your kids, you and your children can reap the benefits of being safe. Some of these benefits include avoidance of accidents and other life threatening problems encountered on the roads and lower car insurance premiums throughout the year.

The End Result

We all want our kids to grow up safe and secure with habits that will help them lead productive lives as adults. By providing a secure and safe base for all their future driving habits, you can put your teenager on the path to safety and success. This can lead them to many auto insurance discounts as well! Not only will they carry these habits into adulthood, but they will avoid any problems in their teen years that may make them nothing more than a statistical victim of the modern transportation system.

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