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Six Money Saving Tips For Buying a Used Car

by Amy Walters

In the current economy, times are tight. Everyone is trying to find ways to cut costs and make the budget stretch. This holds true when buying a used car. Use the following tips to save money and get more bang for your buck.

Shop around!

Don’t jump at the first car you see. Be a comparison shopper. Travel to several used car lots in the area and get a feel for what is available, as well as the cost. From this point, you’ll have a bargaining chip when it is time to haggle.

Try an installment plan!

If it simply is not possible to lay out money in a lump sum for a car, or you do not qualify for credit, there are many dealerships which specialize in offering weekly or bi-weekly payment plans to purchase a used car. If you are wise in your choice of vehicle, you will pay it off sooner on a short-term installment plan.

Bring a mechanic with you.

When you are scoping out a car, bring a mechanic or someone who knows cars. A car expert will be able to find out if there are any problems. If there are issues with the car, you could talk the seller down on the price, justifying it with a repair bill.

Consider a private sale.

You will tend to pay more money for a used car when you go through a dealership. Explore the many avenues when it comes to purchasing a car from a private owner. If you are undergoing all of the issues involved with a bankruptcy attorney Sacramento, you probably don’t have much room in your budget for a vehicle. Private owners may need to sell a car quickly due to numerous obligations. You could get a used car in good condition for a steal.

Look for estate sales.

Estate sales offer the perfect opportunity for a deal. When everything has to go and no one has an attachment to belongings, you’ll be amazed at the low price you can pay for a car.

Don’t forget about auctions and repossessions.

Used car auctions and bank repossessions often ask a fraction of the value of the car. The main point is to make up for any losses.

Use your savvy, come prepared, and find the deals. Look before your leap is a good rule of thumb when it comes to saving money for a used car.

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