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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was created so that users can understand the methods that, furthermore known as ‘The Site’, uses to collect your personal information and how it is used. This will help you make educated choices when you use The Site or any of its services.

Information Collected

There are two kinds of information that is collected from you when you visit The Site. Personal information is collected based on what you choose to share in order to gain access to our quoting services, and impersonal information that is collected from the many visitors of the site.

Personal information is collected via our quote form, email newsletter subscriptions, and feedback methods, and can include personally identifying information such as your name, address, or email address or other information about you or your firm or company.

If you choose to email The Site, then The Site may keep a copy of any correspondence between you and The Site.

Impersonal information is collected on The Site much like it is collected on other commercial websites. The Site uses cookies to see how The Site is used. Information collected can include browser type, connection speed, websites visited before ours, dates, times, and other information that cannot be used to personally identify you. Web beacons may also be used to provide feedback to advertising companies who are targeting the users of The Site.

How Information is Used

Personal information is only used to connect consumers with products and services that they request when they visit The Site. Sometimes personal information can also be used to inform users of new additions or changes to The Site or to offer specials that we think you might find valuable. You can opt out of such contact at any time by contacting The Site in writing.

Impersonal information can be used to ensure you get a personalized experience on The Site. For example, cookies and the information that we gather from them is used to provide you with a shopping cart that is only yours, as well as helping The Site optimize to the needs and requirements of frequent visitors and users.

Third Party Companies or Websites

Occasionally, The Site may choose to enter into business partnerships or agreements with Third Parties. Your information may be shared with these companies to provide you with information and services that we think might interest you. Your information may be shared with companies who The Site has determined will use your information in a responsible manner. Other companies may provide or facilitate services that we provide on The Site, such as credit card processing or sending emails. In connection with our business, your information may be shared with third parties. Should The Site be sold, the transference of personal information belonging to users is generally one of the first assets to be transferred.

The Site is not responsible or liable for any content or data located on a site that is linked to on The Site. Such links are provided simply as pointers to other information that may be of use to visitors. Our privacy policy only governs The Site and is no longer in effect when you follow a link to a third party site. You are encouraged to review that site’s privacy policy and terms of use.

New Services or Changes

Sometimes, your personal information might be used to contact you to inform you of changes on The Site or of new services that we offer. You can opt out of such communications by informing The Site in writing.

Information Security

Your information and submissions are secured by modern technology such as SSL and 128 bit encryption. Please contact The Site with questions regarding the secure transmission of information.

Disclosure of Information

Occasionally, The Site may disclose your personal information as required by law or if The Site believes that it is required to conform with law, legal process, or legal proceedings, or if The Site is acting to protect its own rights and property, or to protect the other users of The Site.

Providing Consent

Using The Site means that you consent to the collection of data as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Though The Site will try to keep users aware of updates to this policy, you are encouraged to review them when you use the site to ensure you agree to everything contained within.

By using our quote service, and submitting the required information via our form, you are authorizing The Site to provide and share your information with companies and insurance agents that provide services that match what you have requested on the form. These companies and agents may be local or national.

You also consent to the disclosure of your information to our insurance network. In turn, the agents and companies that are a part of this network may share your information with their own vendors or suppliers in order to generate the information they need to provide you with an accurate quote for an insurance policy.

Submitting information also means that you consent to a credit report that may be obtained in the process of gathering accurate insurance quotes for your needs. Furthermore, you authorize consumer credit reporting agencies to provide this report, which will not be shared with anyone else including insurance carriers. However, these carriers may choose to obtain a report on their own.

Some companies or agents may contact you to verify information submitted.

Other Questions

Contact The Site with any questions or concerns before using the services located on The Site.