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How To Tell When its Time for a Tune-up

by Amy Walters

If your car needs a tune-up, there are normally signs that will let you know of the changes that are going on with your vehicle. Knowing when it is time for a tune-up for your car can help you save thousands of dollars in expensive car repairs. In order to save money on car repairs and know when your vehicle needs a tune-up, it is important for you to recognize any early signs that point towards your vehicle. Once you are able to identify these signs it is important for you to make sure that you fix these problems as soon as possible before the situation becomes worse. In order to do this, you will have to know how your car works. This will help you notice any small changes with your vehicle fast.

Trouble with Steering

Paying attention to the steering of your vehicle can help you notice any changes. For example, if you experience a loud squeal when you attempt to turn your steering wheel, it could be a sign that your power steering fluid level is a little too low. You can check the level by checking the dipstick. It will tell you if you need to add more power steering fluid in order to bring up the level and fix the problem.

However, if you experience stiffness or more of a grinding sound when you turn your steering wheel, you will have to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic. The problem might be something a little more serious. It is important for you to remember that the level of your car’s power steering fluid has to be checked on a regular basis. This is especially the case if you drive longer distances. If the level of the fluid is a little too low, you might have to check for any signs of a leak.

Trouble with the Engine

A few problems with your engine might give off signs that tell you to bring your car to a certified mechanic. For example, these signs might include trouble with the engine when you try to start your vehicle. In addition, you might want to take your car to a mechanic when the vehicle stalls, has trouble with acceleration and when the check engine light comes on.

Trouble with the Transmission

Problems with your transmission can give off quite a few different warning signs. For example, you might notice that there is a delay when you try to shift gears. Your vehicle might jerk when you try to shift gears as well. When going to a mechanic makes sure they use high quality sprockets and bearings.

About the Author:

Madyson Grant is a travel blogger who is always on the look out for helpful tips while being on the road.

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