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How to Improve Your Car’s Resale Value

by Amy Walters

When it is time to sell your vehicle, two mandatory checklist items are required to maximize the final sales price. The vehicle needs to be clean and safe. Quite candidly, consumers do not want to inherent many issues or problems after they have spent money for an expensive acquisition such as a home, boat or a car. Additionally, the buyer probably has a list of other vehicles and is simply making comparisons. Do not get scratched from a list and start making the necessary preparations for the tasks at hand.


The vehicle aesthetics can immediately turn a prospective buyer away or grab their attention for a closer look. Be sure to wash all dirt and debris from your car and apply a coat of wax to give the paint a dealership showroom shine and appeal. Once the buyer enters a car, every compartment and surface area of the vehicle needs to be wiped clean. The cabin needs to smell inviting while being absolutely free of any odors such as pets, smoke or mildew.


After the vehicle is cleaned properly, focus on the several safety items including everything from functional equipment to driving. A buyer kicks the tires so if the treads are worn considerably, then consider replacing the tires with a set of four new matching ones. Brakes need to feel responsive without any noise. Replace them if they squeak without any moisture or do not slow the vehicle at an appropriate rate.


Inspect all of the glass throughout the car. Is a crack present within the windshield? If so, contact a reputable auto glass company such as Dallas Auto Glass Repair. Get it repaired or replaced immediately to minimize the chance of getting a low offer. Make sure the headlamps work on both high and low beam settings. Clean the casings if they have a foggy appearance when turned on. Check to make sure the turn signals work accordingly and verify the brake lights are functional.

Easy Replacements

Wiper blades need to function perfectly and the wiper fluid container needs to be full. Go ahead and fill the gas tank completely and have an oil, lube and filter change completed. Keep all receipts to show proof of work performed to any prospective buyer. Remember, when the vehicle is restored to almost new condition, then the sales cycle accelerates with more frequent and higher offers. Additionally, when you have eliminated eyesores, then the next driver of your car has little room to negotiate.


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