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How to Get Better Gas Mileage

by Amy Walters

Gas prices are on the rise and your wallet is getting lighter with each mile that you drive. Some people buy hybrids or electric cars to save on gas, but they can be really expensive or just impractical. You may need your truck for work or plowing or you may need your van to get the kids to school. You need to find a way to get better gas mileage without shelling out for an expensive hybrid or electric car.

Take Care of Your Car

Cars need regular maintenance and care to ensure that they last as long as they can. However, cars also need regular maintenance to get their maximum miles per gallon. Plugged up air filters, faulty spark plugs, under-inflated tires and more can all drastically affect your gas mileage. Getting regular tune-ups and knowing how to take care of minor maintenance on your own can greatly improve gas mileage and performance.

Drive Slowly and Safely

Getting to a destination faster doesn’t mean you’ve saved any gas. In fact, the faster you go, the more your car has to work. This unnecessary strain will eat up more gas than driving at slower speeds. Unless it’s an emergency, there is no reason to drive very quickly. Cruise control can also help keep your speed at a steady pace. This will reduce the amount of time you may unnecessarily accelerate and decelerate.

Maintain a safe distance from cars to avoid sudden braking. Braking can eat up your fuel just as much as accelerating can. Avoid riding the brake and coming to sudden stops.

In addition, try to plan out your trips to take flat and straight roads to your destination. Flat and straight roads will drastically decrease the number of times you will accelerate, turn and brake. This will allow you to save as much gas as you can during a trip.

Get Everything You Need in One Trip

Errands are an annoyance for many people. Why do more errands now when you can go out and do the rest later in the week? Numerous trips will eat up your fuel faster than doing all of your errands in one trip. If you have numerous places to go, write them out on a piece of paper. If there are certain errands that you can feasibly get done on your outing, take care of them on this trip instead of going out again later.

Lighten the Load

How far do you think you can walk before you get tired? How far do you think you could walk with a heavy backpack on before getting tired? The answer to the first question is most likely farther than the answer to the second question. The same goes for your car. The more weight it has to carry, the more the car has to work. That stress causes it to consume more gasoline than it normally would. If there are items that don’t need to go with you in the car, leave them at home.

Getting better gas mileage is an easy task. With a few simple adjustments to your driving style, you can make fewer trips to the gas pumps.


Emma Smith is a freelance writer with a passion for cars. She has written many captivating posts on automobile topics. She currently drives a vehicle from Leamington GM, whom she strongly recommends for new cars Leamington.

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