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How to Create the Best Emergency Preparation Kit For Your Car

by Amy Walters

Emergency preparedness shouldn’t end with a first aid kit and a few gallons of water at home. Your car is an extension of your home that should be packed with some basic supplies just in case you are stranded in inclement weather or end up with a flat tire while traveling miles away from the nearest city. These basic supplies are must-haves, whether you are an adventurer that travels hundreds of miles or a mom running errands just a few miles away from home.

Basic Supplies

The basic supplies that you need can vary depending on where you live and the routes you normally take. Those living in rural areas with few neighbors, or poor mobile phone reception, should pack more items into their car than those living in more populous areas. A standard first aid kit with fever and pain reducers, a wide variety of bandages, and antibiotic ointment should be in each car that you drive. You should also keep a supply of water for vehicle emergencies, such as overheating, and for yourself. Three to five gallons of water is ideal. Small amounts of nonperishable food is also a good idea. Crackers, dried fruit, and other snacks can be stored for several months before needing to be replaced.

An extra cell phone battery or a charger for your mobile phone are also a good idea. You can call emergency services on any mobile phone, even those that are no longer on a regular plan. Keep a fully charged mobile phone in your car for emergencies. Strong tape, such as duct tape, and an air compressor, battery cables, and repair putty are also advisable throughout the year. A blanket for each family member is also important in all seasons. The daytime may seem warm, but regardless of the season once it becomes dark outside the temperatures will drop leaving you feeling chilled.

Useful Tools

An emergency kit for your car should also include the basic tools needed to make small repairs. A good knife, several types of screwdrivers, and a wrench are all excellent tools to have on hand. You can click here for butterfly knives that can be used in several different applications if your car does break down unexpectedly. You should also consider your local climate and keep extra clothing for children, along with extra diapers, bottles and formula, in case of an emergency. You never know what to expect, even on the most routine days, so staying prepared is your best defense when the unexpected happens.

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