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High Cost Sports Car Insurance Explained

by Kimberly S. Young

You might be wondering why insuring your favorite sports car is more expensive in comparison to other cars, in spite of the fact that your sports car is cheaper than the other one. The section below shall answer your queries.

Car Insurance Group Categories

Insurance companies normally adopt a comprehensive ‘grouping system’ to categorize cars, which indicates the cost of insuring a particular model of the car. These groups band the cars in different groups which range from 1 to 20. While Group 20 is considered to be the most expensive car insurance group, Group 1 is regarded as the least expensive one. There are many factors which determine this grouping system; but these factors are not revealed in the car insurance quotes. As far as grouping of the car you purchased is concerned, your Fiat Panda may fall into Group 1 whereas your sports car may be grouped as Group 15. You may be regarded as a Group 20 driver if you go for purchasing a Porsche 911, a performance sports car.


As far as crimes related to cars in UK is concerned, about 2 million car crimes occur in each year. You may be surprised to note that the most favorite cars of these criminals are sports cars! Beware! Possibilities of your car being stolen increase with the rating of your sports car, which means that your soft-top convertible sports car falls in a highly vulnerable category! This indicates that even if you live in a remote countryside area, chances of your car being stolen are very high. You are driving an exceptionally elevated risk car! Coupled with the high risk, you have to bear with a high premium too, since the premium amount is directly proportional to the risk involved.


The data compiled by the insurance companies reveal that if you drive a sports car, your chances of meeting with an accident are more in comparison to your driving a normal category car. That is not all! They even have research data which reveal that such accidents and injuries are prone to be more serious! Blame it on the database or not; the insurance companies charge you more premium if you drive a sports car as it falls under high accident prone category.

Under 30?

You are in more danger, if you are below 30 years. You, as a car driver, are more risky to insure too if you are below 30. On top of that, when you drive a sports car, you fall into an extremely risky group, which again increases the premium amount.

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