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Have Fun with Auto Insurance part 1

by Amy Walters

While you are looking through free auto insurance quotes, you might feel as if owning a vehicle is really more trouble than it’s worth. In the end, however, it really isn’t. Auto insurance covers you and your vehicle, should there ever be an accident that you are involved in. It protects your financial investment that you made on the vehicle in the first place. Finally, it protects you from lawsuits that others might try to pin you with if you are in an accident. With so many people out for a lawsuit these days, insurance can mean the difference between carrying on with your life, and ending up penniless and poor.Insurance is a good thing, but think about it if you had to insure something like this!

Funny Auto Insurance

What kind of rates do you think he would get on comprehensive coverage? Collision? In all honesty, he pays no vehicle insurance for what he has turned into a carriage, but the image of this vehicle on your local roads has no doubt brought a smile to your face.

It is funny to see how vehicles can be adapted for different methods of transport. While this man hooked the back half of a vehicle to a pack animal that pulls him around, other people, in other places of the world, have a similar plan.

Auto Insurance - Funny Cars

Though the pack animal is different, and this vehicle looks as it if was a bit bigger than the other, they have the same idea. Using this cab from a truck, these people can get to where they are going while staying dry. It also doubles as a taxi, where the customer can sit and ride in the cab, while the driver sits under the vehicle piece.

It might not be what you are used to, but for them, it definitely works. It just goes to show you how funny, and ingenious, human nature really is.

While auto insurance is never really a concern for these people, it remains one for you. As such, make sure that you are in the right state of mind to compare those free auto insurance quotes. If you take some time to laugh at some of the more ‘interesting’ methods of transportation around the world, then you will be more relaxed and will have a much easier time finding the best policy for you.

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