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Four Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates

by Amy Walters

Recently, you were looking over your monthly bills. When you came to your car insurance rates, you literally could not believe what you saw. That amount is simply too high for you to afford. What are some suggestions you can take for lowering your car insurance rates?

Four Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Rates

Bundle Your Policies

Do you have multiple cars in your family each with its own separate policy? Do you have your homeowners insurance on a separate policy too? If your answers are yes to one or both of these questions, you should look into putting everything onto the same policy. You can definitely call around to compare prices, and doing that is a necessity. However, in many cases, you will find that it is cheaper to have everything put onto one policy.

Taking The Class

You’ve probably heard people moan and groan about taking “the class.” Well, it might last for quite awhile on your day off, but you will be able to walk away and pay less money once it is finished. Basically, many insurance companies offer defensive driving courses or other safe driving classes for their customers. When the customers take these classes, they receive an insurance discount. Speak to your insurance provider for more information.

Be a Good Driver

Aiming to be a good and safe driver should be one of your goals anyway, and doing so can also help to lower your insurance rates. For example, if you were recently arrested for DUI in San Diego, CA, your insurance rates are probably going to quite high. However, if you have a stellar driving record and have never been pulled over in your life, you should ask if some sort of discount is available for you.

Ask for Discounts

Maybe you have been a loyal customer of your insurance company for a number of years now, but the prices are just too high. You should call to ask what the company can do. Chances are, the insurance provider is not going to want to lose your business, so hopefully, the representative will work with you to create a new plan. Of course, you might have to be willing to bend a little too in order to obtain a policy that makes sense for your budget.

Lowering your car insurance rates might seem overwhelming, and you may be too afraid to even attempt to do it. Fortunately, these tips can show you some of the possibilities that are not terribly difficult to procure.


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