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Five Tips for Securing Lower Car Insurance Rates

by nate

Getting the lowest rate on your car insurance policy is the goal that everyone should have when they step into the realm of such a purchase. This day in age it is important that costs be kept to a minimum, so it is no wonder that people everywhere want to pay less for something they are required by law to have. Regardless of what insurance policy you are looking at, there are some tried and true methods of keeping the costs down to a reasonable level. Think about these things and see how much you can save on your next vehicle insurance policy. 

  1. Policy Specifics – Perhaps the best way to avoid higher rates and costs associated with car insurance is to find a policy that covers you but only enough to meet the minimums set by the state that you live in. Usually, this state minimum includes liability online and sometimes personal injury protection. Regardless, the minimum is the cheapest way that you can get insurance and still be legally allowed to drive in your area. Ask your insurance agent what the state minimums are and how much it would save you if you adjusted your policy to match.
  1. The Driver of the Vehicle – The person that will be operating the vehicle is going to have a huge effect on the cost of the insurance. Most young people do not end up with low rates because they are part of a high risk group of drivers. Older people with bad driving records can have higher rates as well. Thus, older drivers usually get better insurance rates than younger people or people with bad driving records. Keep this in mind the next time you decide to speed!
  1. Compare Lots of Quotes – A really good way to avoid high rates associated with auto insurance is to compare various quotes from different insurance companies. While your agent would love to tell you they are offering you the best deal, the truth is that this is almost never true. Thus, put them on the spot and tell them you are going to shop around. Look at what every other company is offering to make sure that your choices are the best and cheapest for you.
  1. Choose the Right Vehicle – The vehicle that you choose to insure is another important factor in the rate decision process. If you are trying to insure a sports car that is known for going fast and getting into accidents, then you probably will face an uphill battle when it comes to getting lower rates. On the other hand, choosing a vehicle that is reasonable and one that has good safety features will only drive the overall costs down.
  1. Take Credit for Hard Work – There are many different benefits for people that have good grades, good records, and who perform certain volunteer work. If you think that you qualify for any of the discounts that are associated with such things, make sure to ask your agent to see if you can lower your rates even more than they already are. You can find various site that provide free auto insurance quotes that will give you the ultimate solution for cheap car insurance.


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