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Five Tips for Not Getting Fleeced When Repairing Your Car

by Amy Walters

There comes a time in every car owner’s life where they need to get their car repaired. Here are five tips on how to avoid being vulnerable to a mechanics attempts to get more money from you.

Five Tips For Not Getting Fleeced When Repairing Your Car

Have Another Form of Transportation on Hand

Whenever your car needs a major repair, or is otherwise unusable while the mechanic works, make sure that you have another car or access to some other means of transportation. Utilizing public transit would work very well in circumstances like these. Having the ‘out of service’ car as a necessity to you livelihood increases the odds that you will go to extraordinary measures to get it fixed. The mechanic will no longer be able to make ‘point-blank’ demands without you being able to at least question him, or her, about the procedure and costs.

Choose a Mechanic Shop Trusted By The Community

There are many online services that allow a person to review and rate their local businesses, and you can almost guarantee that a mechanics shop that preys on a person’s vulnerabilities will have plenty of negative reviews. This is not to say that every distasteful mechanic will be reviewed, but at least you can cross out the local businesses that have terrible reputations.

Always Keep a Copy of the Bill and Summary of Services

You should always make sure that you keep a copy of both the bill for the services, and the summary of the services done in you personal records. This will ensure that the mechanics will be held liable for their actions in repairing your vehicle. For instance, if you get your oil changed at a different location a few weeks later, and find the problem was never really fixed, then you have proof that the mechanics are the ones to hold responsible.

Understand the Mechanics Business Practices

As usual, you should have a basic understanding of the laws and business practices in your area. For example, many states have laws which allow mechanics to claim a lien on the permanent repairs that they make to your vehicle. This means that they have a claim on those parts used to repair your car until the amount owed to them is paid in full. Understanding these laws and practices will better prepare you for financially dealing with major car repairs. Check by looking up your local Mechanics Lien Utah to see how they are doing all over the state as well as your hometown.


The number responsibility of any consumer of a major financial expenditure, is to research. Instead of simply taking the mechanics word that the supplies to repair your vehicle add up to an insane amount, research how much the actually cost on today’s market and how much other places are charging. Plus, you can research what is wrong with your car to see what repairs other mechanics recommend. It is always best to go in as prepared as possible.

When it comes to your car, it is best to keep it in perfect condition. Don’t be afraid to fight a mechanic on price if you know of a lower one if the area. Research is the key to keeping your repair costs down.

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