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Five Products That Make Driving Safer

by Amy Walters

When you’re on the road, hazards can be sudden and unexpected. Thankfully, drivers have the means to protect themselves. Here are five products that make driving safer.

Can your car tell other cars to say cheese? Automakers like Cadillac are beginning to utilize improved camera systems for their vehicles. Such cameras can scan ahead of you and behind your car, so you can act before another car collides with you or if another type of accident is impending. Also, European researchers are employing cameras to explore the advantages of facial recognition for drivers. A sleepy face might inspire an alert from your future car.

A defensive driving course is another option. New and experienced drivers alike can benefit from going over traffic safety rules. Drivers can also learn techniques to avoid hazardous situations. Topics like dangerous blind spots and the particulars of driving in bad weather might be discussed as well. Distracted driving is another topic of interest to students. Your auto insurance company may even reward you with a discount for completing the class.

Vibrating seats may become more common in the near future. Implemented by Citroen and Cadillac in select models, these seats can notify drivers if their cars begin to veer into another lane. Sensors using radar and other tools can deploy a message that triggers the seat’s vibrations. Researchers claim the movement can bring inattentive drivers to action faster than a sound alarm. This can be of great assistance to weary drivers at night.

Another way to combat driver weariness and potential accidents is the Attention Assist system from Mercedes-Benz. To start off, the product becomes familiar with the particular way you drive. If you begin to deviate from the typical way you steer, the system will sound an alarm so you can rest before resuming your journey. Although the system is offered in select models now, expect the technology to be adapted elsewhere.

Finally, consider the humble tire pressure gauge as part of the safety arsenal. Maintaining tires takes little effort and can prevent flats or blowouts on the road. Keeping your tires inflated to the recommended level for your vehicle may even improve your gas mileage. These gauges come in a variety of prices and styles. Many find the digital gauges easiest to use.

The weather, road conditions and other drivers can contribute to unsafe driving conditions. However, these five products can help anyone drive safely.

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