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Five of the Safest Cities to Drive in

by nate

Raising a child comes with many moments of sheer terror. One of the biggest of these moments is the day that they are able to legally drive. Letting go and allowing them to do so is difficult, but when you live in one of the five safest cities to drive in, you can worry a lot less and so does your auto insurance company. Does your home city make the grade? Read on to find out just where you can drive on the safest roads in the entire country.

  1. Fort Collins, Colorado: The one place that Allstate Insurance Company has found that drivers are least likely to get into a car accident is Fort Collins, located in the mountainous regions of Colorado. When compared to the National average, drivers enjoy a 31.2% less likely chance of encountering an accident on the road. With an average of 14 years between collisions, Fort Collins is the safest city in the United States to drive in.
  2. Chattanooga, Tennessee: By going through claims for the past fifteen years, the Allstate Insurance Company discovered a gem in Chattanooga. They found that drivers are 22.7% less likely to get into a car accident on these roads than the National average. With an average of over twelve years in between each collision, you can rest assured that Chattanooga roads are some of the best you could drive.
  3. Boise, Idaho: Located in the Rocky Mountains, Boise is not only a central hub of activity in the Southern Idaho area, but it is also ranked as one of the safest places to drive in. Drivers here are 22.3% less likely to get into a car wreck then the National average states. With the same average between car accidents as number two on this list, it was a close contender for the second safest place to drive in the United States.
  4. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Another mountain town, Colorado Springs, Colorado, boasts one of the highest safety records when it comes to their main roads and streets. According to the study completed by Allstate Insurance Company, the roads of Colorado Springs are 20% less likely to see an accident than the National averages state. This makes it one of the best places to drive, despite the mountainous terrain.
  5. Knoxville, Tennessee: With Tennessee ranking high on the road safety list, it is no wonder why so many cities within this state are thriving. Not only are drivers 19.5% less likely to get into an accident, but they enjoy an average of twelve years between collisions. According to the Allstate Insurance study, this makes Tennessee one of the safest places to drive and operate a motor vehicle within the United States.

Knowing which cities you are least likely to get into a car crash in might not influence your plans of moving or finding another home, but at least you know if, or if not, your city makes the list, though teaching safe driving skills early can. If you are planning a move, however, and there are up and coming teens in the home, make sure to consider these places, where you are less likely to encounter problems on the road.

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