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Five Defensive Driving Tips to Keep Yourself Safe on the Road

by Amy Walters

If you want to instantly lower you chances of having an accident, then you should learn some defensive driving skills. Most people have heard the term “defensive driving,” but few people really understand what it means. If you want to learn more about how to drive defensively, then you can start with these five defensive driving tips to help keep you safe on the road.

defensive driving

1. Scan the Horizon

Most drivers don’t keep their eyes where they should be. Your eyes should never be fixated on the car ahead of you. Instead, scan the road ahead to look for trouble. When you see the things that are happening on the road well ahead of you, it will give you much more time to react to dangerous situations that you encounter.

2. Stop Changing Lanes All the Time

Too many drivers are obsessed with speeding down the road and changing lanes all the time. If you want to drive defensively, then stop changing lanes so often. Changing lanes is one of the most frequent situations in which accidents occur due to the blind spots that are involved. Cutting down on your lane changes will instantly reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.

3. Look Both Ways When You Cross an Intersection

Your mother probably told you many times to look both ways when you cross the street. The same advice holds true for crossing intersections. Just because you have the green light doesn’t make it safe. Driving defensively means looking out for others’ mistakes. Look both ways before you cross an intersection with a green light to avoid getting T-boned by a distracted driver.

4. Watch Out for Dangerous Drivers

Part of driving defensively is watching out for the legions of bad drivers who populate the roadways. This includes drunk drivers who will end up needing a drunk driving attorney in Milwaukee. It includes teenagers texting like their lives depend on it. It includes old people fiddling with the volume knob on their radios. If you see an impaired or distracted driver, back away and give them plenty of room.

5. Don’t Tailgate

The easiest way to give yourself enough room behind the car in front of you is to follow the three-second rule. Look for a mile marker or other road sign along the side of the road. Start counting when the car ahead of you passes the road sign. When you reach the road sign, stop counting. That will tell you how many seconds you are behind the car ahead of you. Following the three-second rule will give you enough room to avoid an accident in case the car ahead of you suddenly brakes.


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