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Driving Habits that will Keep Your Insurance Costs Low

by Amy Walters

In today’s economic climate, people are doing everything they can in order to save money whenever possible. For example, people who own cars must manage their expenses carefully since there are so many costs associated with automobile ownership. Car payments, fuel and maintenance costs and expenses related to cleaning and detailing can add up quickly. Additionally, drivers must also carry auto insurance in order to operate their vehicles on the roads legally. While it is possible to obtain inexpensive, bargain insurance, most people prefer to carry coverage that will protect them adequately in the event of a collision or other mishap. Unfortunately, a person’s poor driving habits can boost insurance rates significantly. By the same token, however, practicing good driving habits can actually reduce insurance rates, making it easier for people to afford their vehicle costs during these difficult economic times.

Money Saving Secrets

One of the best ways to save money on automobile insurance is to reduce the number of miles driven annually. The average car owner drives close to 15,000 miles per year, but those who are able to put fewer than 10,000 miles on their cars during the course of a year can receive reduced rates. Some people simply cannot avoid driving the average number of miles, but many individuals can save by walking, biking or using public transportation. Additionally, drivers who combine multiple trips into one can cut down on mileage to a surprising degree.

Speed Kills

Some people seem to be compelled to always drive fast. They think of speed limits more like speed minimums, and they often pay greatly increased insurance rates as a result. For some people, the habit of driving like demons can be difficult to break, but those who are serious about saving money should adhere to all posted speed limits. The length of time spent driving does not increase notably while driving at safe speeds, and stress levels drop considerably. Additionally, driving at safe velocities ensures that drivers never receive speeding tickets which can increase insurance rates. Moreover, slower driving uses less fuel and it reduces the probability of experiencing a collision.

Location, Location, Location

The location where a car is parked can have a tremendous impact on insurance rates, as well. People living in metropolitan areas may not have many choices available to them when it comes to parking, but they should try to find alternatives to on-street parking locations which are conducive to break-ins and other types of crime. Although it may cost more to rent a parking space than it would to simply park on the street, the costs are generally worth the savings in insurance rates. Those who have the option should also try to park in covered carports or garages which can save individuals even more money on insurance costs. Beyond the insurance savings, parking a car in a safe environment also reduces the chances of receiving parking tickets or having costly gasoline siphoned.

Driving for Less

The freedom of driving a car is something that many people enjoy, but the costs associated with owning a car can become too much to bear for some. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that people can do that will lower their insurance costs. Some bad driving habits can be difficult to break, but those who are able to teach themselves new practices enjoy the money-saving benefits of reduced insurance rates.

Natalia Jenkins is a writer for Osseo Auto. She loves writing on cars, history and reading classic books. She also is secretly a car aficionado. Osseo Auto is a leading car dealership in Wisconsin that sells new and used Ford and Chevy cars in the Eau Claire and La Crosse areas.

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