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Deer Accidents: What You Should Know Regarding Car Insurance

by Amy Walters

Fall is a very dangerous time for motorists. Incidents involving deer accidents spike during this time of the year, and the media reported that in 2006 alone, 1.5 million drivers were involved in deer accidents. If ever you become involved in similar accidents it pays to know how your insurance will cover the damage. Here are the things that you should know about your insurance coverage in deer accidents.

Check if your insurance policy covers deer accidents

Normally, insurance policy covers collision involving deer. It is usually covered by the comprehensive part of the policy. If you want to double check, take a look at the declaration page of the policy. Calling your insurance agent or broker can also help clarify if deer accidents are included in the accident coverage of your auto insurance policy. Tow services may be needed when deer accidents happen. More often roadside assistance riders are included in majority of the insurance policies issued. Make sure you have both comprehensive insurance and tow coverage.

Will the accident impact the insurance rate?

Insurance companies have different rules on claims of comprehensive claims. You may be concerned that the collision can affect how much you will pay for insurance next time. Sadly we cannot determine that as the information is not publicly available. It is something that you have to talk about with your insurance provider. Normally a comprehensive claim will not impact your rate. It is important that you know how to do evasive maneuvers in areas where deer are plenty. This will save you from potential harm and costs if you are unsure if the comprehensive claim will impact your rate. It is important that you thoroughly discuss the insurance policy with your provider before affixing your signature on the dotted line.

Is collision coverage enough?

It depends on your insurance provider. While it is a collision it may not be covered if it is a deer accident. Collision insurance normally pays for the damage. Most insurance company suggests getting comprehensive insurance if you want coverage against deer accidents. Most insurance companies consider that deer accidents are unavoidable events as deer suddenly leaks out in front of your car.

How about deductibles?

When you purchase a comprehensive insurance it normally comes with a deductible. Check with your insurance provider if they offer zero deductibles. Normally, having a comprehensive insurance will save you from paying for the damage coming out from your pocket. More often if there is a deductible on your comprehensive cover it usually applied to deer accidents. The declarations page of your policy will give you an idea on the deductibles of your comprehensive cover.

Do I need a police report when filing a claim?

Under normal instances deer accident claim does not need a police report.
However, it doesn’t harm to have it handy just in case. If you have hit a lot of deer lately it is recommended to get a police report.

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