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Common Discounts on Car Insurance Policies

by nate

Getting a discount on your car insurance policy is like getting a great break on a bill that you will be required to pay anyways. Of course you want to save some money when you have to purchase a policy to meet legal guidelines in your local area, and there are some very simple ways that you can do that. In fact, there are numerous different discounts that you can take advantage of no matter who you are, and even more than you can opt for if you meet certain criteria. Keep these common discounts in mind and soon you can see just how much you can save on car insurance. 

Discounts for Multiple Policies

One of the most popular discounts in the insurance world today is known as a multi-line discount. This means that you get a discount for having more than one insurance policy through the same company. Most of the time, two vehicles on the same policy count as multiple policies, but you can also get homeowner’s insurance, renters coverage, and even some health insurance through the same company. The more policies that you have, the bigger your discount might end up being.

Discounts for Safety Features

Lowering the risk of needing car insurance is the best way to get a discount on the policy. There are many safety features that most auto insurance agencies recognize, including many that come installed in vehicles that are being produced these days. You can get special discounts for modernized seat belt restraints, as well as anti-lock brakes, air bags, and other additions to the vehicle that make it safer. Part of your insurance policy is set up to pay for medical bills, so the safer the vehicle is, the less your overall premium will be.

Discounts for Good Grades

Students can take advantage of a couple of discounts, including one that is meant to reward those who have made good choices in school and maintain a higher GPA than average. You will have to prove that you have gotten a GPA that qualifies you for this discount, but it will help drive the costs associated with your auto insurance policy even lower.

Discounts for Safe Drivers

Car insurance companies like to reward drivers that are not a big risk. They do this by offering discounts for maintaining a safe driving record without any tickets, accidents, or claims in the recent past. Sure, everyone gets into an accident at some point or another. It is because of this that we have insurance, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the benefits of a safe driving record. As long as you avoid lots of tickets, you can still get discounts on your insurance. A single ticket may cause a rise in price for a little while, but multiple and constant streams of tickets will make the prices skyrocket completely.

If you aren’t sure about a discount, be sure to ask your agent. Sometimes you might have to prove that you qualify for a certain discount, but doing so is simple and can save you lots of money in the long run.  Free auto insurance quotes may be helpful for getting the best quotes for auto insurance policy.

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