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Can You Drive with a Family Member’s Car Insurance?

by Lauren J. Christie

Today, many families share a vehicle. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a position where you have to drive a vehicle that someone else owns and has their own auto insurance policy on. Do you know if you are covered by that family member’s car insurance policy? This is a question that many people ask, and most people assume the answer to is yes. However, it is important that you verify that coverage with the insurance policy first. While most insurance companies say their insurance covers the car rather than the driver of the vehicle, there are some important exclusions that you should make note of so that you can approach the situation with an educated mind. Here are some of the most common situations and exclusions that you should know about.

Most Drivers Covered

While not all insurance policies follow this line of thought, many of them offer automatic coverage for anyone over a certain age in your household. This can include anyone that visits and drives your vehicle while they are around. Make sure to ask about this when you are getting free auto insurance quotes. At the same time, most young drivers are automatically excluded from this, as they often require special, high risk insurance policies. Basically, what this means, is that your spouse, sister or brother, mother or father, or other adults can drive your vehicle and be covered under your insurance policy, while teenagers in or out of your home will not be. Keep in mind that if someone is a regular driver of a vehicle, they usually have to be added physically to the policy, otherwise the insurance company may fight any claims that the person is involved with.

When To Add A Family Member

Knowing when to add a family member to your policy can be a difficult thing to understand. Generally, if someone is going to be driving your vehicle on a regular basis, they need to be added to the family member’s insurance policy to drive the car. At the same time, if someone is just driving it once or on a rare occasion, then you probably don’t need to really add them and incur the added costs. Still, it is vital that you check with your insurance policy to make sure of this so that there are no surprises when they get into an accident and put the safety of your vehicle at risk. In some cases, the insurance company will not pay a claim if there is a question of if the person driving at the time should have been added to the policy or not. When in doubt, always contact the company or look over your documentation to see just what the rules and requirements are.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Regardless of what you drive, or who you allow to drive your vehicle, it is always important to know if your insurance will cover certain things that you will run into along the way like a family member driving your car. There are lots of situations that occur that we do not plan for. That is the purpose of having insurance. Remember to contact your company to find out what the details are and if someone else can drive your vehicle without being added to the insurance policy. In the end, this simple research can save you a lot of money, time, and heartache.

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