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Auto Insurance Tips for Seniors

by Amy Walters

Most seniors are on a fixed income with little chance that their monthly checks will keep up with rising inflation through the years. This calls for intelligent purchases and cost-cutting methods in order to maintain enough funding for a comfortable retirement. Using measures such as comparison shopping and coupon clipping can help lower the costs of daily needs, but seniors can also save on other monthly bills as well. One huge expense is paying for automobile insurance because the premiums for older drivers can be quite high. The following suggestions are ways that those over fifty might use to keep their car insurance bills as low as possible:

Maintain a Great Driving Record

Accidents do happen, but certain driving habits can mitigate the chances of one happening to you. Seniors should make sure that they keep their eye glass prescriptions current so that they can see adequately for driving. They should also leave plenty of room between their car and the one in front of them because reflexes become slower as people age. Seniors should also try to stay within the speed limit. This prevents them from getting a ticket that will raise insurance premiums and also gives them more time to make decisions should an emergency situation arise.

Keep Road Skills Sharp

Going back to school will not only sharpen the brain but will also remind seniors of safe driving practices that could save them from future traffic accidents and remind them of any changes in current traffic laws. These courses may be offered by local law enforcement agencies, by community action groups, or by AARP, and some may be available online.

Purchase the Right Vehicle

The higher the safety rating of a car or truck, the lower insurance premiums will be. Seniors should shop for a vehicle that they feel they can handle safely on the road. They should be able to adjust the seats so that they can see well when behind the wheel. They also need to remember that higher priced vehicles require greater insurance premiums to cover the risks.

Ask About Discounts

Insurance discounts are offered by many organizations to which seniors may already belong. For example, several professional organizations have arranged for insurance discounts with many providers. These include those for former teachers, nurses, policemen, engineers and other professionals. Seniors might also find that bundling their automobile insurance with other types of insurances could result in lower rates for all of these. Some companies will even give a discount to customers who have a high credit rating, so question the agent thoroughly about any options that might lower a quoted rate.

Seniors should periodically review their automobile insurance coverage and keep the deductible as high as their budget can stand in order to get the lowest rates. Online comparison sites are helpful in determining if the premiums currently being paid are in line with what other companies are charging. It is a good idea to do a check at the beginning of each year.

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