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5 Things to Know if You Have Teenage Drivers

by Amy Walters


1. Your rates will go up.

Most parents of a new driver have one question in mind when it comes to insurance: how can I keep my rates from going up? Unfortunately, the reality is, you can’t. Statistically speaking, teen drivers are responsible for more accidents each year than any other age group. Insurance companies are well aware of this fact, and keep rates higher for young drivers until around age 25.

2. There are ways to mitigate the increase.

Although it’s a certainty that your insurance rates will go up, there are certain things your teen can do to help mitigate the increase. Teens who take a certified driving course often qualify for certain rate reductions, as do those who maintain good grades. Talk to your insurance provider directly to find out what discounts they offer for teens, and how to take advantage of them.

3. You’re likely to pay a lower overall price by adding your teen to your existing policy.

Many parents with teens who own an older model car assume that by purchasing a separate policy for their teen that only covers collision, they’ll be saving money; however, this isn’t always the case. By taking advantage of multi-car discounts, many policy-holders find that their out of pocket expense is less, and the insurance is actually better, when they simply add their teen to their existing policy.

4. The make, model, and even color of your teen’s car can make a difference.

Particularly for teen drivers, the car itself can have a dramatic effect on your insurance price tag. High-performance cars, cars with low safety ratings, or even bright, flashy paint jobs, generally cost more to insure. To get the most out of your insurance, select a car for your teen that’s painted a standard color and offers comprehensive safety features.

5. Shop around.

Many parents falsely assume that the most cost-effective insurance for them will also be the most inexpensive for their teen. Policy costs can vary greatly, so it’s important to shop around each time your insurance needs change. So getting online and searching for something like: Insurance Company Austin

or what ever local area you may be in. Most insurance sites have free rate quote sections where you can get quotes in minutes so make sure to shop around and consider all your options!


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