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5 Safe Driving Tips To Get You Ready for the Road

by Amy Walters

Long road trips are often necessary to get us where we need to go, however; they don’t always turn out favorably. In most cases, the key to a successful haul in your vehicle is preparation. Make a to-do list of all you need to get done and include the following five tips somewhere near the top of it.

Prepare for the trip

On your to-do list, include things like packing food, an emergency kit consisting of first-aid items, and roadside necessities such as flares. Map out your route well in advance and pull a fast traffic check at the last minute, to be on the safe side. Have a flashlight with extra batteries and plenty of water in the vehicle. Pack non-perishable foods like trail-mix or granola for fast snacking. Be sure to stock the vehicle with your favorite music as well.

 Check and double-check the vehicle

If you don’t know a lot about cars, consult a professional. Either way, someone knowledgeable needs to inspect the vehicle, looking out for things on the verge of becoming problems, like low-tires or overused oil. Don’t forget to check that all signal and break lights are functional and that your instrument panel properly indicates vehicle conditions.

Fill ‘er up

Particularly if you are prone to procrastination or forgetfulness, filling up on gas is surprisingly one of the most overlooked aspects of trip preparation, probably because it’s the last thing we expect ourselves to neglect! Carefully plan for fuel stops along the way and keep an eye on the gauge.

Get plenty of rest before taking off

The night before a big road trip may be an exciting time in the household, making it very difficult to get a solid eight hours in, but this is essential for a safe trip. Eliminate distractions, and make sure you haven’t put anything off until the last minute that will keep you awake. A rested driver is keen, alert and able to make better decisions.

Bring important documents, identification and applicable cards

Traveling without vehicle and health insurance cards is simply too great a risk; keep all important cards, like auto insurance cards, and documents in an easily accessible location and make sure they are protected from the elements and possible theft.

Your road trip doesn’t have to be a stressful and chaotic voyage into the unknown; suggests properly preparing for your trip and exercising caution while out on the road.  This will help you to have an uneventful, if not outright enjoyable trip.


Author bio: Karlee Wiggins likes to blog about Travel and Safety. When she’s not blogging she enjoys running and hiking in the mountains.


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