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5 Rules, Businesses with Fleet Vehicles Should Follow to Save the Most Money

by Amy Walters

With many cars and trucks, one can easily transport people or stuff all over the country. This offers the entrepreneur a distinct advantage when trying to beat the competition. Of course, if left unchecked, the costs for managing a fleet of vehicles can run high. Here are five rules a business owner should follow to save money on his or her fleet of vehicles.

5 Rules, Businesses with Fleet Vehicles Should Follow to Save the Most Money


When buying tires, one can see their costs spiral out of control. For this reason, a company should shop around and find the best deal on their next wheels. The best place to find quality tires at a low price is With this website, not only will a company save time, but the company will save money as employees will not have to drive around to find the best deal. Simply put, when saving money on this expense, one will go a long way in cutting their costs.

Oil changes

Oil changes, though necessary, cost a lot of money. One way to lower this cost is to take the car in every 7,500 miles or more. In the past, one would scoff at this idea as people think that one must bring their car in every 3,000 miles. However, when reading the manual, many discover that they would waste their money to take in an automobile so often. Remember, it is possible to take the vehicle in every 7,400 miles without wasting money.

On hand

When managing a fleet, one will often need small replacement items on hand. Ideally, the company should have spare air filters and windshield wipers in storage. When these are easy to get access to, one can make the change without heading to an overpriced auto parts store.


When owning a few vehicles, one should try to negotiate lower rates with mechanics. Without a doubt, most mechanics will gladly work on a car or truck for a slight discount when they will gain a lot of business in the process.


Often, one will forget if they took their car in for servicing or what they had fixed. This is a serious problem for automobile owners around the country. To combat this, one should keep copious and well-organized maintenance records. This will help with the resell value and will save the company money as they will never have to fix something twice.

When following these five tips, one can save money managing their fleet of vehicles.


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