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5 Overhauls You Need to Consider for Your Car and House

by Amy Walters

A car and a home are two assets that many people want to find ways to improve. Overhauling a home usually improves the quality of life and lowers the cost of everyday living and overhauling a car can increase power, fuel efficiency and safety. Anyone who wants more from a home or a car should consider a few overhauls for each.

Complete Home Automation

Technology has advanced to the point where complete home automation is practical and functional. This type of home overhaul involves installing a network of electronic devices and outlets that allow a central unit to control and monitor nearly every aspect of the house. A complete system usually includes climate control and monitoring, remote control of appliances and prerecorded programs for entertainment or lighting. The latest systems can accept commands and send data to mobile devices or computers wirelessly across the internet. This reduces energy usage, improves security, and makes the home more convenient.

Rebuild the Car Engine

One way to improve the performance of a car and increase the longevity of a vehicle, is to rebuild the engine, by disassembling all of the parts. When each part is refinished, replaced and cleaned, the entire engine reassembled. Rebuilding the engine can even improve fuel efficiency in older vehicles. Go to a qualified engine repair in Houston, as this project often requires the help of a professional mechanic.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Homes in certain areas will benefit greatly from a geothermal heating and cooling system. This type of overhaul involves digging one to three wells that go 100 feet or more down into the ground. The lowest levels of the wells are cooler that the surface air in the summer, and warmer than the surface air in the winter. Fans and heat exchangers cycle the air in a home through the wells. This provides a very inexpensive way to heat and cool the home throughout the year, without having to run air conditioners or purchase fuel for the winter.

Cylinder Head Porting

One way to get the most horsepower and performance from a car is to perform a cylinder head porting. This modifies the cylinder head over the engine and sometimes the engine itself. Porting involves increasing the amount of air coming into the engine by boring wider openings in the head, or by cutting new intakes into the metal. This can increase horsepower by a noticeable amount.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are relatively easy to install and promise to lower energy bills in the home. A solar water heater uses a tank on the roof of the home or somewhere on the property, to capture the energy from the sun. The sun heats the water in the tank and the water is then cycled into the home plumbing as needed. Some systems will move water from an indoor tank to an outdoor tank in order to maintain the right temperature. This reduces the cost of hot water in the home.

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